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Travel Posted 10/06/20
The Kings Ferry Group is teaming up with National Express Solutions (part of National Express) to help businesses across the UK provide safe travel solutions for their employees on their return to work.

The safety and well-being of employees in business across the UK is vital in helping reduce the spread of Coronavirus but also to help rebuild our economy. National Express Solutions has designed a fully managed employee shuttle solution enabling employees to travel in confidence so businesses can get their people back to work safely.

Employee shuttles are a fantastic way to look after your teams when they are not on-site, helping them to reach your place of work in safety, and travel back home in confidence.

The teams at The Kings Ferry Group and National Express Solutions have put a number of new measures and procedures in place both on and off their vehicles. These new ways of working have been implemented to help ensure the safety, well-being and comfort of both passengers and drivers.

These measures include enhanced cleaning regimes including disinfecting all on-board customer touch points, fog machine cleaning and air filtering systems on all vehicles. Drivers are also issued with PPE and will be temperature checked prior to boarding their vehicles.

To enable their passengers to continually adhere to social distancing guidelines, all vehicles have been implemented with new seating plans and controlled boarding to minimise any unnecessary interactions and to avoid walking past fellow passengers. To further support social distancing rules, the business has invested in state-of-the-art technology that provides passengers with a platform to book their seat using a website or app, enabling employers and the Group itself to actively monitor passengers and have full control over vehicle capacities. This new technology also comes with a real-time tracking system allowing passengers to see where their vehicle is. Having This feature also prevents the crowding of passengers at stops. Real-time tracking also benefits businesses, allowing them to track the arrival of employees and have greater control of any procedures in entering the building.

Ben Bhattal, Group Business Development Director, has been at the front line with managing this campaign and working hard alongside the teams across the Group. ‘As we start to see easing of lockdown restrictions, The Kings Ferry Group alongside National Express have been supporting a number of businesses with their return to work plans. We have been using our expertise to allow businesses to create bespoke staff transport solutions that allow them to control the number of passengers boarding in line with social distancing measures. We have had interest from a number of different sectors and we look forward to welcoming people back on board our services and our drivers back behind the wheel. We’re keen to continue supporting our local communities across the U.K, including Kent in getting back to work safely.’

To find out more about The King Ferry Group’s employee shuttle solutions you can visit their website at

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