Travel habits and concerns of female business travellers

Travel Posted 22/02/19
Kent-based travel management company releases key findings on concerns of female business travellers.

Local travel management specialist, CT Business Travel, has released key findings on the concerns, preferences and challenges of female business travellers in the UK.

Key findings include:

  • 61% of respondents would avoid countries that are hotspots for dangerous activity
    • 50% would avoid areas of political unrest
  • 54% of respondents stated that they are concerned about cultural etiquette and customs when visiting different countries for business
  • 49% of women surveyed revealed that they wouldn’t know what to do if they encountered a travel disruption or dangerous situation when travelling for business
    • 35% didn’t know if their employer has a duty of care policy in place

The results of this survey are included in a new white paper from CT Business Travel, The World of Female Business Travel. The white paper analyses the findings of the survey and how they are potentially affecting not only female business travellers but also their employers.

Other key content within the white paper:

  • Safety tips
  • A guide to business etiquette around the world
  • Practical information for female business travellers

Simon Rowland, head of sales at CT Business Travel, said: “it’s really important for businesses to think about how to better cater to the needs of their female employees when they’re travelling for business. Some of the statistics from this survey highlight just how little communication businesses have with their female employees about duty of care.”

The survey was presented to female business travellers in the UK between the ages of 25-60. All participants had travelled for business at least once in the past year and work either part time, full time or run their own business.

Download the White Paper

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