Glastonbury festival-goers sing Kings Ferry’s praises

Travel Posted 08/07/19
120,000 miles covered for 44,000 passengers by 362 drivers.

Travelling to Glastonbury this year for their Sunday opening slot on the Pyramid Stage at the most famous music festival in the UK was the amazing Langa Methodist Church Choir. Originating from Cape Town, South Africa the choir were discovered by festival founder Michael Eavis when he visited there to see how Oxfam were using the money donated by the Glastonbury Festival.

The Kings Ferry was pleased to welcome them on-board one of their own fleet for the journey. A journey that was one of 875 movements. With the total movements covering 120,000 miles for 44,000 passengers by 362 drivers.

Glastonbury Festival is the UK’s biggest music festival and the largest Greenfield festival in the world! With 175,000 people travelling to one farm in the middle of Glastonbury it’s no surprise that the council fear the overwhelming traffic levels. That’s where ticket and coach combo’s come in.

When it comes to complex transport requirements, there are not many that top Glastonbury. For years The Kings Ferry Group has been transporting thousands of festival-goers and this year was no different as The Kings Ferry Group transported an enormous 44,000 passengers using their own fleet and a network of operators.

Over 10 years ago, The Kings Ferry Group won a tender for See Tickets. After undergoing a trial at Paddock Wood’s Hop Farm, they were asked to transport festival-goers to Glastonbury. Needless to say, they delivered and the rest is history.

Now that Glastonbury Festival 2019 is over, it’s not long before The Kings Ferry Group start arranging the transport for 2020.

Next year Glastonbury Festival celebrates its 50th Anniversary and we can only imagine that 2020 will be bigger and better than ever before, definitely not one to be missed.

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