Valuable work experience for local college

Training Posted 25/01/19
A shortage of engineers in the industry has prompted local appliance repair company Domex to launch a work experience scheme with Nescot college in Epsom.

With an ageing workforce in essential, practical specialities like appliance repair, Domex is reaching out to offer students robust work experience, with the real prospect of a job at the end.

Opportunity knocks

The workplace experience, known as an ‘Industry Placement’, starts this month with students attending college for three days a week and training with Domex for the other two. Domex wants to support students throughout the course, selecting the ideal candidates to mentor and encourage.

Electrical Level 3 students from Nescot were recently invited to the Domex Head Office to learn about the business and the role of an Appliance Engineer, followed by an opportunity to take part in relevant practical tasks. Shortlisted students then interviewed at a Nescot interview day before offers were made to the lucky students chosen by Domex.

Successful candidates could begin full-time employment with Domex as an engineer in August or September 2019 if the right fit is found.

The value of a skill

This is no casual work experience scheme. For the specially chosen candidates, there are some fantastic benefits to working as an engineer for Domex.

Students could be looking at starting salaries of £24k per annum, with bonuses taking that to £30k per annum. Further experience of around nine to 12 months would see employees gain the possibility of earning £40k per annum (including bonuses).

The role of an engineer is a flexible one, with the option to opt out of an EU Working Time Directive of 48 hours per week. High performers can complete their base work and take on more jobs to boost their take-home salary - or use their time to cater for family commitments. It’s a highly lucrative position to be in for the person with the right level of tenacity and dedication, with the rewards plentiful for someone looking to move into full-time work.

It’s hoped a close relationship between Nescot and Domex can be fostered, giving young people the chance to experience practical vocations and present the opportunity to move into the Domex family of dedicated engineers. This could prove an essential programme to help both young people taking their next step in life while bringing fresh talent into an industry in desperate need of committed and skilled workers.

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