Career opportunities in international trade and commerce

Training Posted 31/10/19
Aspen Pumps Group talks international trade and commerce to the next generation in training.

A manager from Hailsham company Aspen Pumps Group has gone back to the classroom at Hailsham Community College to inform students about career opportunities in international trade and commerce, as part of national education charity Future First’s ‘Commerce in the Classroom’ initiative.

Group communications manager Fay Davis, spoke to Business Studies students in Year 12 as part of the initiative designed to inform students about careers in global businesses and international trade and encourage them to consider jobs in this growing sector.

Fay spoke to the students, who are in their first year of a two year course, about her career progression since joining Aspen and gave them an introduction to the job possibilities open to them should they choose to work in an international company.

Under the programme funded by the Commercial Education Trust, employees working in international trade and commerce, from interpreters to market analysts, linguists to civil servants; volunteer to go back to the classroom in state schools and colleges in Sussex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. The volunteer programme is designed to inform students about the wealth of jobs available and the skills they need to succeed in such fields.

Fay said: “It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to offer guidance and advice to the next generation of business professionals. As a stable, growing company, Aspen strongly believe in the importance of investing in the talent of the future and it was very rewarding to see how engaged the pupils were. Schemes like this are invaluable in giving students a real world view of opportunities available and possible career pathways. Aspen employs over 100 people and is growing fast so who knows, perhaps some of these Hailsham students will be working with us in the future!”

The Commerce in the Classroom initiative builds on Future First’s work in more than a thousand state secondary schools and colleges across Britain. The initiative enables them to mharness the talents and experience of alumni to support students as relatable career and meducation role models, work experience providers, mentors, governors and fundraisers. The mcharity’s vision is that every state school or college should be supported by a thriving, engaged alumni community which helps it to do more for its students.

Natalie Marshall, head of innovation and learning at Future First said: ‘International mcommerce is a rapidly growing sector which offers a wealth of interesting opportunities students may not know about. Young people cannot be what they cannot see and talking to those working in the field, will expose current students to the range of job opportunities mavailable internationally and dispel misconceptions about who can succeed in them. Hearing first hand success stories from staff in companies like Aspen Pumps Group shows what can be achieved through hard work, regardless of a student’s backgrounds and upbringing.”

Pictured: Aspen’s Group communications manager, Fay Davis speaks to Year 12 students ©Elli Dean Photography

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