Local firm build bridges in Uganda

Property Posted 16/10/19
Regional construction firm, Knights Brown, supported a team of its people to build a bridge over a river in rural Uganda.

Regional construction firm, Knights Brown, based in Rochester, supported a team of its people to build a bridge over a river in rural Uganda, with the charity Bridges to Prosperity this year.

Graduate site manager, Stephanie Younes, from Knights Brown was one of a team from the firm to work on a charity project this summer.

The team of ten people, five from Knights Brown and five from their Bridges to Prosperity build partner Tony Gee LLP, had two weeks in August to build the 64m long footbridge across the river Bukwo. It’s the fourth year the two companies have partnered to deliver a Bridges to Prosperity Project. Together, they raised over £17,000 in donations to support this year’s project.

The Bukwo river is very dangerous to cross when it’s flooded, which on average is 180 days a year. In the last three years 12 people have been badly injured and seven have died trying to cross the river.

The bridge will transform the lives of people in three village communities, Lulwo, Kokohchaya and Riwo. They are now able to safely cross the river and go about their daily lives. The people are small-scale farmers who have little support from government, and they needed to cross the river daily to get to school, visit the market and get medical treatment.

Stephanie Younes said: “To see the local people cross the bridge for the first time, once it was completed, was a really humbling moment and we all know we’ve made a big difference to their lives.”

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