The best podcasts for small businesses

News Posted 11/07/18
8 inspiring podcasts every small business owner should listen to.

Podcasts are an easy way for busy entrepreneurs to learn new things every day. So, if you’re looking for a way to learn some business know-how or get some inspiration and new ideas, podcasts may be the perfect solution for you.

Podcasts make learning simple without disrupting your daily routine. Go for a run, cook a meal, walk the dog – and learn about something new at the same time. Since it’s that easy, it’s no surprise podcasts have become a very useful tool for business owners.

If you are trying to pick up some new skills in your business, or just need a healthy dose of inspiration, check out these eight podcasts for SMEs and start learning something new today.

1. Mixergy

Mixergy podcasts are perfect for ambitious small business owners. It covers a wide variety of topics with numerous in-depth interviews with thousands of entrepreneurs. The episodes can include case studies from new start-ups, interviews with successful business owners as well as how-tos from many entrepreneurs’ own personal experiences.

You are also able to acquire the transcript of any episode you listen to should you want to go back and research a specific area in more detail.

2. Eventual Millionaire

Many of the podcasts produced by Eventual Millionaire include case studies about becoming a millionaire. Millionaire entrepreneurs and business experts are interviewed and asked about their biggest failures and successes. Each episode will teach you how these business owners made their fortune, the lessons they have learnt throughout their journey and how they dealt with the challenges they came up against.

The business experts will also talk about everything that may be holding you or your business back from reaching its full potential. Understanding the importance of marketing, your customers, your goals, taking control of your finances and gaining confidence in your business decisions are all topics discussed to aid you in achieving your financial dreams.

3. Duct Tape Marketing

If you’re looking for a podcast dedicated to small business marketing, Duct Tape Marketing is one of the best to tune into. The episodes offer valuable advice and guidance when it comes to marketing on a shoestring budget which can be the case for many small businesses.

Duct Tape Marketing covers everything including branding, creating content, mobile marketing, improving landing pages and much more. The episodes clearly explain how investing in different areas of marketing can generate sales in a way that is easily understandable to those with little knowledge on this subject.

4. Entrepreneur on Fire

This podcast is led by entrepreneur John Lee Dumas (who started Entrepreneur on Fire which has grown into a multi-million dollar a year business) and features 30-minute daily episodes. Each episode provides in-depth knowledge and focuses on different topics within specific industries. Interviews are conducted with successful small business owners to explore their journey to how they achieved their success.

This inspirational podcast will have you making notes as you listen to the discussions taking place and the business tips given on marketing, finance and how to increase sales.

5. So Money

Managing your finances carefully is crucial for small businesses in order to avoid cash shortfalls or financial struggles. When short-term finance is needed, many companies aren’t always aware of the solutions available to them, including alternative business credit card solutions from providers like Liberis, should they need a helping hand.

So Money host Farnoosh Torabi is an award-winning financial strategist and a bestselling author. Her podcasts provide financial wisdom on how small business owners can manage their money effectively and what options are available to help them take control of their money.

6. The Foundation

Not all podcasts are in audio format - the episodes created by The Foundation also include video interviews!

For those who learn from visuals, this podcast is ideal to watch and listen to. The episodes include techniques and approaches on a variety of topics for small business owners looking to expand and grow their business.

7. Beyond the To-Do list

Beyond the To-Do list is a website dedicated to helping boost business productivity and is a popular podcast among many small business owners. It is all about how to take what you are doing and do it better.

The episodes include helping business set the right goals and provide expert advice on time management, being creative, managing finances and building relationships along with many other important topics on improving an existing business.

8. The $100 MBA Show

The $100 MBA is a daily podcast which is simplified to provide actionable small business tips, rather than long interviews and useful information in a very condensed period of time. Perfect for the busy entrepreneur who wants something quick and useful.

The host, Omar Zenhom, provides 10-minute long business lessons, often sharing his own experiences to educate small business owners on many aspects of running a successful business.

So, with plenty to choose from, its time plug in your earphones and start listening to these podcasts to inspire you as a business owner to learn something new today!

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