Sussex Chamber of Commerce progresses with Local Skills Improvement Plan

News Posted 22/12/21
The Sussex Chamber of Commerce has recently given an overview of the developments and engagement timeline relating to its Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) Trailblazer.

The plan is part of a national effort with the Department of Education to plug employment skills gaps as coordinated by eight Accredited Chambers of Commerce across the country.

Headline themes emerging from Trailblazer’s business engagement workshops over the last few months include the need for transferrable skills development and geographical challenges, as well as the need to address gaps in recruitment that are currently affecting employers across the area.

Businesses are also identifying the need for more flexible training courses and qualifications for their staff, which can quickly adapt to new technologies and support digital skills and challenges around decarbonisation and net-zero.

Activities such as four face-to-face workshops with 85 attendees, six essential sector workshops with 116 attendees, and telephone and online surveys with over 200 businesses have now been conducted.

Ana Christie, CEO at the Sussex Chamber of Commerce, said: “We’ve been working alongside businesses to provide insight into a range of sectors, with a focus on construction, engineering, digital, health & care, visitor & cultural and land-based roles.

“Our Face to Face and virtual workshops, alongside online surveys, have played a pivotal role from the outset of this initiative”.

Ana Christie: “The participation so far has been very promising. By identifying local skills needs in the short, medium, and long term, we can find ways of promoting these skills, focusing on the supply and demand of each industry and working to establish a wealth of employable qualities”.

There’s still time to get involved in the development of the Local Skills Improvement Plan/ The Chamber is offering virtual workshops in January, focusing on the key sectors as well as sessions on cross-cutting themes across various industries.

You can sign up for these webinars this January and find out more here.

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