Six South East startups named in Startups 100

News Posted 09/01/23
The UK’s longest-running index of disruptive new startups, the Startups 100, has released its 2022 lineup, which this year includes six innovative South East startups.

The Startups 100, run by, showcases the top 100 new UK businesses which exhibit innovation, solid financials, opportunity in their market, a great concept and a strong customer base or following.

Celebrating its fifteenth anniversary, this year’s index is one of Startups’ most exciting yet, with the final list championing a huge range of inventive ideas.

In previous years, the Startups 100 index has predicted the success of huge names such as Revolut, Bulb, Deliveroo and Notonthehighstreet.

3. Hack the Box

Founded in 2017 by Haris Pylarinos, James Hooker and Aris Zikopoulos, Hack The Box is a global, online cybersecurity training platform which allows individuals and businesses of all backgrounds, skill levels and industries to keep pace with the technology and threat landscape.

The hands-on and entertaining content provided by Hack the Box mimics real-world threat scenarios and features the latest up-to-date attack techniques and methods. The Hack the Box platform now has over 1.5 million users and hosts clients including Toyota, EA Sports and Siemens.

15. Sano Genetics

Sano Genetics is a Medtech startup that helps people living with rare and chronic conditions by significantly speeding up the development of new medicines.

The company was founded in 2017 by Dr Pat Short, Charlotte Guzzo and William Jones. Sano Genetics’ tools and technology allow researchers to run unique medicinal studies 10 times faster and at just a fifth of the cost of traditional methods.

In the past year, Sano Genetics has raised £8.3 million and broadened its product to include versions for the US, Canada and Australia. The platform is now accelerating the progress of treatment for ten diseases, including genetic subtypes of common diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ulcerative colitis, long Covid and MS.

58. Kinkind Ltd

KinKind, founded by Victoria Coe, is a sustainable beauty brand determined to create positive change by eliminating plastic bottles in UK family bathrooms with its 100% plastic-free hair and beauty bars. The eco-friendly products have saved over 300,000 plastic bottles from becoming waste.

Having launched the company in 2019 with the support of a government-backed startup loan, KinKind has grown exceptionally. It also recently received a £1 million investment from UKTV and developed a breakthrough TV advertising campaign that launched in September last year.

80. Neat Home Ltd

Neat began with a determination to create change for consumers and the planet. After founders Josie Harfield and Ryan McSorley discovered that most cleaning products were 90% water and packaged in single-use plastic, they wanted to create a revolutionary change. Neat is disrupting the cleaning industry with its sustainable refill system. Its cleaning concentrates, delivered in eco-friendly glass bottles, are added to tap water to create great cleaning products without plastic waste.

Despite launching in 2019 during the Covid-19 pandemic, Neat’s achievements are extremely impressive. Neat has secured listings in national retailers, including Waitrose, Selfridges, Tesco, Ocado, Booths, Lakeland and Amazon, plus strong e-commerce sales via its own website. Amongst this, Neat has also been awarded B Corp status plus has won Household Goods Brand of the Year at the prestigious Grocer Gold Awards.

92. Legislate

Legislate is a legal tech startup, founded in 2020 by Charles Brecque, that makes it easier for non-lawyers to safely create, manage and search lawyer-approved contracts on no legal budget.

Legislate’s contract management software is built on patented knowledge graph technology, which makes contract data easy to use and search for. With the contracts available spanning from employment to tenancies to recruitment and more, Legislate is able to help a broad range of customers with their legal needs.

Legislate is now celebrating over 125 customers on the platform, plus two US patents. More recently, the company has been awarded Southern Enterprise Award’s Best Contract Management Platform.

96. Kiteline

Founded in 2020, Kiteline makes it easy for people to be proactive about their health through empowering health coaches, who encourage changes in everyday habits and lifestyle to start and maintain positive outcomes.

For those who live with chronic conditions, lifestyle changes can be key to reducing risk and living longer, healthier and less painful lives. Kiteline’s platform uses an evidence-based approach to deliver content to encourage healthy habits and lifestyle changes. These range across stress, sleep, diet and exercise, while expert coaches help to manage chronic conditions.

Excitingly, the company is currently working with retailer giant John Lewis on a £70,000 pilot to coach over 800 of the firm’s managers. Co-founder Candice Hampson was nominated for the Startups 100 Exceptional Founder award this year. Candice started the company with Christine Beardsell following her own personal struggle with cancer. Turning her experience into a force for good, she is leading the way for industry change and innovation.

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