Powering life support vessels

News Posted 06/03/19
Kent business supplies cable assemblies to power engines on life support vessels.

Cable assemblies supplied by Convert Ltd – manufacturer of cable looms and harnesses, based in Edenbridge, Kent – are being used to power engines on life support vessels serving the waters surrounding the UK and Ireland.

Over the past 18 months, Convert has delivered a total of 15 port and starboard cable assemblies to Marine and Industrial Transmissions Ltd (MIT) - supplier of marine transmissions and driveline systems which includes world-class engine manufacturers amongst its customers. And with more orders received and more cable assemblies about to go into production, it looks like Kent based Convert’s relationship with MIT is on the crest of a wave!

Dave Lord, managing director at Convert Ltd, said: “A number of us at Convert are keen dinghy sailors. Like every person using the water, you never know when you’ll be in a situation where you’ll need the help of a life support vessel, so to be able to work on this project was fantastic. We worked closely with MIT to reverse engineer the assemblies from samples. It’s fair to say it wasn’t straightforward as each life support vessel consists of two engines - one port and one starboard - but the cable assembly for the port engine is slightly different to that of the starboard.

“This meant each had to be treated as a separate part. But we enjoy challenges at Convert, so this project was right up our street!”

Approximately 75 metres of cable was used for the port engine loom making 32 connections in the main loom which itself was over two meters long. The starboard engine used around 70 metres of cable with 30 connections. Both had further connections on the fuse board. In total the length of cabling amounted to 147 metres which is almost equivalent to the length of three Olympic sized swimming pools.

Dave Little, sales and application manager, MIT Ltd, said: “With design and delivery key to this project, Covert was able to supply bespoke cable looms and harnesses manufactured explicitly to our customer’s application all while exceeding agreed lead-times.”

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