PML offers to fund HGV driver training

News Posted 17/09/21
Logistics and supply chain solutions provider PML is offering to pay for the training of eight dedicated drivers to be based at the company’s London Heathrow headquarters and soon-to-open Lympne, Kent facility.

Mike Parr, managing director of PML, has announced that the company will, if necessary, finance the complete training for the right candidates if the applicants can demonstrate PML’s hallmark commitment to the highest standard of customer service.

PML has previously voiced its concerns over the welfare of drivers, supporting Logistics UK’s comments regarding the banning of lorry parking for more than 45 minutes at a time in laybys across Kent and responding with news of the upcoming operation at Lympne, which will provide vital safe parking and additional welfare facilities.

Mike said: “The HGV driver shortage is reaching crisis point and the knock-on effect of this impacting on the supply of essential fresh produce and pharmaceutical goods is something that we at PML predicted six months ago.

“Lorry drivers responsible for delivering vital food and pharmacy supplies are without doubt essential workers. We ensure that that as such, they are well rewarded when they join the company - not only by a favourable package of benefits but also in terms of providing best-in-class facilities for them to access whilst they are working to ensure their continued physical and mental wellbeing.”

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