Pennard Vets trusts in new MD

News Posted 26/11/21
Pennard Vets, the largest veterinary practice in the world to become employee-owned, has appointed a managing director with more than 17 years of industry experience.

Jeff Gascoyne joins Pennard Vets from Scarsdale Vets, where he has spent the last five years as a partner, executive director and latterly, executive chairman.

He previously worked for 12 years at Vets4Pets as its operations director and then business acquisitions director, and holds an Honorary Associate Professorship in Veterinary Business Management from The University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science.

Jeff said: “The fact that all Pennard Vets’ 99-strong team across six sites in Kent are practice owners and shareholders in the business, following the move to becoming an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) this year, was really appealing to me. Like any new member of the team, I now also own a stake in the business.

“My role will be to help and support the entire team to achieve greatness through collaborative and inclusive leadership, as we continue to grow and exceed our client’s expectations. Compassion, client focus and continually improving everything we do is what makes Pennard Vets extraordinary.

“Pennard Vets is fiercely independent and has stayed true to its 125-year-old core values and that is very inspiring. Knowing how passionate Pennard Vets’ directors, Matthew, Caroline and Andy, are about ensuring a bright and independent future for everyone, I was keen to become a part of the team.”

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