Kent solar expert helps Hampshire company slash carbon footprint

News Posted 08/05/19
A Hampshire natural mineral water company is set to cut its carbon footprint by more than 50,000kg a year after installing solar PV panels at its site.

Hildon Natural Mineral Water, based near Romsey in the Test Valley, has installed 908 solar panels that will deliver 250kwp of naturally generated energy – enough to reduce its annual electricity demand by 27 per cent.

The scheme was developed for Hildon by Kent-based Edward Energy, set up by the highly experienced Shaun Beattie, who has established himself over the past decade as one of the South East’s leading commercial rooftop solar developers.

With Edward Energy focusing on the risk management and financial aspects of the scheme, it was delivered by Hemel-Hempstead’s BeBa Energy UK Ltd, another well-respected name in the world of solar PV systems.

“Hildon is very conscious of its commitment to the environment,” commented Executive Director Debbie Jones. “We look after 180 acres of beautiful landscape and we are determined to make the business as sustainable as possible to protect it now and in the future.

“Installing solar PV is an important part of that strategy to make Hildon one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly natural mineral water companies in the UK.”

The roof-mounted scheme will cut the company’s electricity bill by 25 per cent by generating almost 225,000 kW hours of electricity a year, enough to power 56 four-bedroomed homes.

“Despite changes in government subsidy, the scheme will still pay for itself in less than eight years, and since it is guaranteed to perform for at least 25, that means 17 years of free, naturally generated, low carbon electricity,” explained Shaun.

“Installing solar is now less about the subsidy and more about energy security, price stability and sustainability. Companies such as Hildon believe in protecting the environment and are switching to solar to highlight their commitment to lowering their carbon footprint as well as reducing their long-term costs.”

Edward Energy is a consultancy that delivers carefully researched, impartial advice to companies looking to install solar power, giving the client the information they need to make a sensible and informed decision on the options.

“Working with Hildon was a delight,” said Shaun. “The company was fully engaged throughout the process and it was clear that this wasn’t something they thought they had to do but something that they really believed to be vital to the future sustainability of their business and the environment.”

A detailed display will be mounted in the reception area of the company showing staff and visitors exactly what difference the solar PV panels are making, hour by hour. “It’s about changing behaviour,” Shaun explained. “Installing solar is just the first step; it’s still vital to use the power it generates as efficiently as possible.”

Debbie was equally impressed with the “stress free” project. “Shaun and the team at Edward Energy were friendly and personable and laid out a comprehensive and carefully researched business case for installing solar,” she said.

“We were equally impressed with the team he brought in from BeBa Energy UK, which was professional, efficient and tidy and delivered the project on time, despite bad weather. They certainly knew their stuff and the whole project was completely stress free.”

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