Kent mum encouraging people to return to work after career break

News Posted 11/01/19
A Kent Mum is encouraging people who have taken a career break to gain the skills and confidence to return to the workplace.

A Hythe based career coach is helping mums in Kent find the confidence to return to work after taking time out to raise their families.

Following a career-break to raise her own children, Ben, five and two year-old Alana, Laura Kingston felt the time was right to utilise her HR experience and coaching diploma to help others get back to work, or change career direction after years in the same role.

Laura, who founded Leap Career Coaching in 2018, said: “The vast majority of my clients have lost confidence after being away from the workplace, or say they are ‘stuck’ in their current job as they feel they don’t have the relevant experience to change roles. I love working with people to break down barriers and to help them realise that they have the ability to achieve their goals.”

According to Laura, businesses have been missing out on talent by failing to provide the flexibility parents need to maintain their work and home life, but the tide is turning. The number of UK companies providing return to work schemes has increased by 70% in 2018. Furthermore, concepts such as ‘agile’ working are revolutionising the workplace. Laura said: “Agile working is a top workplace trend that puts the emphasis on what we do, rather than where we go to work, increasing flexibility and enabling parents to work around their children, improving work-life balance.”

Laura will be running a career workshop in Hythe on 2 March 2019 for anyone looking to find a new career direction or return to work after a break.

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