Is employee productivity key to building a resilient and sustainable business?

News Posted 07/12/21
According to new data from Global expenses app ExpenseOnDemand, nearly two thirds (64%) of UK business owners believe that the most important factor to building a resilient and sustainable business is employee productivity.

These results come as millions of businesses continue to operate with remote staff and business owners and leaders navigate how to monitor and manage a workforce in multiple locations.

The report went on to show that after employee productivity, business owners think that customer satisfaction (14%) and profits (14%) are the next most important factors for a building a resilient business. The other factor flagged was cost control, with 7% of respondents stating this was critical for making their businesses more resilient.

Sunil Nigam, founder of ExpenseOnDemand, said: “Building a resilient and sustainable business model has never been more important for UK businesses and it isn’t surprising to see that employee productivity is top of the agenda.

“Managing and monitoring employees is challenging with a remote workforce but providing the right tech solutions can help with this.

“ExpenseOnDemand will allow you to automate all your staff expenses and we pride ourselves on ensuring our tech is market-leading and our costs are not only completely transparent but also very competitive.

“At ExpenseOnDemand, we offer a 30-day free trial, with the option to “pay as you use” model, allowing our clients to have flexibility and reassurance that they aren’t tied into a long-term commitment.”

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