FSB launches Celebrating Small Business Awards

News Posted 08/09/21
The Celebrating Small Business Awards, organised by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), has opened for entries for 2022. 

On average, over 8,000 small businesses register for FSB’s Celebrating Small Business Awards, which recognise and celebrate the huge contribution that smaller businesses and the self-employed make to the UK. 

The awards are open to entrepreneurs across the small business community, both members of FSB and non-members.

The ultimate event, the UK final, brings together 132 finalists from 11 categories and regions around the UK, and one business will be crowned by overall Small Business of the Year. Last year, Kent-based Parker Rose won the start-up business of the year award.

David Milham, regional chair for the FSB in the South East, said: “We celebrate the UK’s small businesses and recognise each and every person involved in a smaller business.

“They are our innovators, our economic drivers and the backbone of our communities. It is their businesses that embody the creativity and resilience that fuels the UK’s recovery and long-term prosperity. 

“We look forward to an even greater awards ceremony next year.”

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