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Skills gap among graduates highlighted by Sussex Manufacturing Forum

News Last edited 25/01/14
Manufacturing firms have in some instance struggled to find the right recruits for their businesses due to skills shortages

Concerns remain for long-term unemployed over 50, despite overall drop in figures

News Last edited 24/01/14
Unemployment rates continue to fall, but latest data shows that those over 50 and 18-24 year olds are finding it hardest to find full-time jobs

Developers pledge ambitious multi-million investment plan for Maidstone’s Newnham Court

News Last edited 23/01/14
Around 1,500 jobs could be created with new Waitrose and Debenhams store for the county town - but concerns remain over potential impact on the town centre

Studies reveal two thirds of businesses in Surrey expect to expand over next two years

News Last edited 22/01/14
A total of 1,300 businesses were surveyed on business prospects within the county. Surrey firms such as McLaren (pictured) which was visited by PM David Cameron, have flown the flag for regional growth

Medway’s University Technical College gains £10 million government funding pledge

News Last edited 21/01/14
A total of 600 students will be based at the new university on the Chatham Waters site (pictured), which is to be delivered in 2015

Levels of predicted Romanian immigration fail to materialise within the South East

News Last edited 15/01/14
Concerns were raised by Kent County Council leader Paul Carter (pictured) and the government over levels of new Eastern European migration, which have been unexpectedly low.

High court battle looms over Lydd Airport expansion with appeals by RSPB and residents’ action group

News Last edited 20/01/14
Lydd's £25 million plan could see hundreds of jobs being created and 500,000 passengers passing through the Kent site (planned terminal pictured), but faces major opposition from campaigners fearing a major accident

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