7 golden rules for Christmas marketing strategy

News Posted 16/10/18
Reflect Digital help you to prepare an effective marketing strategy.

It’s Autumn, and it’s the last chance to prepare an effective marketing strategy for the festive time of year. For marketers, it’s important to always be thinking ahead and Christmas is no exception! We’ve come up with our ‘Golden Rules’ to help your strategy be as effective as possible.

The 7 golden rules:

1. Set objectives

What happened last year, and what do you want to happen this year? I am sure the answer is to increase sales, but how? Always look at past results to inform realistic objectives for your new goals.

2. Think channels

Remember that all marketing channels become more crowded than ever in the lead up to Christmas. Marketing costs are higher and the level of competition noise can lower the chances of impact. I know that my email box is constantly being topped up with Christmas/sales related emails, and I become a lot more likely to just delete emails based on the subject line than I would at any other time of the year. Segmentation, personalisation and the subject line are all key!

3. Think about creative

Getting the creative right is absolutely imperative through all your marketing channels, this helps you grab the audience’s attention and stand out from the marketing noise we are all surrounded by - so don’t scrimp on the creative!

4. Think engagement

Digital content needs to be engagement worthy. Think natural conversations, shareability and telling an emotionally responsive story. It doesn’t have to be sad, but if you can spark an emotion, you spark engagement.

5. Think data capture and tracking

A robust data capture should be planned into all marketing campaigns and Christmas is no different, so ensure you have considered this and are thinking about the longevity of this data. Tracking is also key to analysing performance for the future years, now is the time to investigate how best to track your campaigns - planning this at the outset always gives the best results.

6. Think budgets

Christmas is an expensive time to market so it is important to ask your advertising partners for their honest take on budgets to generate results. Ensure you are investing your budget in the channels most likely to deliver a return, rather than spreading your budget too thinly.

7. Think natural search

We all know SEO takes time, therefore, having your key Christmas landing pages up on the website now with content that Google can index will be hugely beneficial in the race for top positions over the holiday season.

All in all – I am telling you what marketers should be doing 365 days a year – which is planning ahead. Act early to give your business the best opportunity of answering your Christmas wish list!

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