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Alfa’s new Giulietta delivers renewed style and performance

Motoring Last edited 15/02/14
There is plenty at stake for Alfa Romeo over the release of its revamped Giulietta, but the initial response has been favourable.

BMW’s compact new X3 is already gaining favourable response within the motoring industry

Motoring Last edited 10/02/14
The baby of the X series has gained a strong following with BMW fans during the past decade

Alfa Romeo’s 4C is sitting pretty after being named the most beautiful car of the past twelve months

Motoring Last edited 03/02/14
While 2013 featured a wealth of motoring contenders, Alfa's 4C has been regarded as one of its most successful sporting motors to date, gaining two major industry awards.

Motoring industry records strongest performance for the past six years

Motoring Last edited 23/01/14
Sales figures for new cars are now at the highest levels seen since before the recession. The Honda Civic (pictured) was named as the best business fleet car for 2013

Rolls-Royce facilities at West Sussex attain fourth record sales year

Motoring Last edited 09/01/14
Luxury motor manufacturer has weathered the recession through recording its best performance to date in 2013

Motors dealers within the South East reap benefits of highest sales for six years

Motoring Last edited 09/01/14
Sales of new cars within the region have returned to pre-recession levels, with the aid of new finance packages. McLaren (pictured) in Surrey has been hugely successful in 2013

West Sussex engineering firm Ricardo secures £40 million a year deal with McLaren

Motoring Last edited 17/02/14
West Sussex and Surrey firms link up for major engine production project for leading McLaren supercars

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