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Firm’s national success

LegalProperty Last edited 06/07/15
Thanet and Canterbury solicitors Boys & Maughan were named the best law firm in the country for conveyancing at the Property Forum Awards.

550,000 litres of alcohol seized in Port of Dover operation

TravelLegal Last edited 03/07/15
A six-week crackdown has resulted in more than 550,000 litres of beer, wine and spirits being seized.

Croydon-based Abbey Legal merges with Manchester law firm

Legal Last edited 21/04/15
LHS is the new name for the £12m law firm created by the full merger of Croydon-based Abbey Legal Services with Lewis Hymanson Small, a Manchester-based law firm.

Cripps named one of UK’s top 25 law firms

Legal Last edited 21/04/15
Cripps has been named one of the UK’s Top 25 law firms for its private client work with high new worth individuals.

Businesses get the baby blues

Legal Last edited 13/04/15
Businesses across the UK stand to lose more than 14 million working weeks a year thanks to new legislation described by a Guildford businesswoman as “open to abuse and a nightmare to deliver”.

Is your head in the clouds?

Legal Last edited 16/03/15
On-site data hosting may soon be as rare as having a shrink-wrapped CD-ROM arrive in the post, writes Caroline Young, a solicitor and technology specialist at law firm Cripps, as she examines the future of what has become known as the cloud.

Suspected illegal tobacco factory uncovered in Surrey

NewsLegal Last edited 16/01/15
HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has uncovered what is believed to be an illicit tobacco processing plant at a unit at a business park in New Malden, Surrey, seizing over 500 kilos of suspected illicit hand rolling tobacco and a number of items of processing equipment.

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