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Research highlights tension

Features Last edited 07/12/18
The flexible working debate splits opinions among staff and often leads to negative views, according to a report by a university professor.

An enterprising economy

Features Last edited 07/12/18
Five years on, are the aspirations for the city set out in a major policy plan matching reality?

Award for local business support

Training Last edited 14/12/18
Kent Business School receives Small Business Charter award for local business and student support.

Deep freeze benefits

Features Last edited 07/12/18
Entrepreneur Ruth inspired by Beverly Hills women’s experience to set up a clinic offering an unusual pain-reduction technique.

Going for Growth

Money Last edited 12/12/18
Download your copy of our Going for Growth: UK company growth strategies to 2021 report.

War veteran’s new battleground

Features Last edited 07/12/18
How a former Marine found his Civvy Street challenge – to train ex-servicemen and women to fight cyber security breaches.

Alliance chews over two very different construction projects

Property Last edited 11/12/18
Property and real estate professionals have been sizing up two contrasting developments at the latest meeting of the Sussex Property Alliance, held at the Fontwell Park complex.

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