University offering £20K grants to boost business

Money Posted 31/10/19
A University of Brighton project aimed at boosting business growth has launched a new awards scheme with grants of up to £20,000.

DRIVA arts DRIVA has unveiled the Superfused Collaboration Award, the first round of awards to kick start or develop ideas linked to Gatwick Airport’s data.

The launch took place at Worthing’s Dome Cinema and was followed by one at the University’s City Campus in Pavilion Parade, Brighton, and the final event on 5 November at Freedom Works on Manor Royal, Crawley.

The events will provide an opportunity for digital businesses, artists and technologists to find out more about the project, the award, how to access support with applications and to network.

DRIVA arts DRIVA provides access to Gatwick Airport’s live data feed, coupled with seed-funding and production support for innovative projects that aim to unlock the value from data through the ‘super-fusion’ of creativity, technology and business.

Professor Karen Cham said: “Projects that can utilise the Gatwick data feed, or be informed or inspired by the data, can bid for funding ranging from £5,000 to £20,000 to develop their collaborative projects to reach prototype, minimal viable product or demonstrate work in progress stage.

“Projects do not need to generate value exclusively from the Gatwick data, they could use contextual data sets, comparable data sets, or be inspired by the Gatwick data. This could be by using location-based data or transport data, or by considering how airports operate terms of their social, cultural and environmental impacts.”

Further details, guidance, and information on eligibility and funding documents on the Superfused Collaboration Awards is available to all registered organisations.

Donna Close, research fellow, added: “For inspiration, come along to the arts Driva exhibition ‘Desire Lines’ at the University’s Edward St building in Brighton, part of the Brighton Digital Festival, to experience work from artists exploring data as material and stimulus.”

To get involved with the project, register at

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