Celebrate The Positives

Money Posted 23/02/21
Nobody, either working in a business or on their own, would deny that life has changed in many ways over the last year.

Some business sectors have struggled more than others – hospitality, the arts, hair and beauty – and it would be wrong not to feel for these hard working people. I really hope that this year is a better one for them.

However, many businesses have thrived, adapted and had an opportunity to change their business in a positive way, quicker than they would usually have felt comfortable doing and this seems to be rather unspoken. Almost that British reserve coming out!

When I started to research information and inspiration to write this, I came across a quote which is probably one of the most dispiriting I’ve read “all business is being adversely affected by a downturn…” I found myself looking at the piece, wanting to shout “no they are not!”

Working in accountancy, I have seen both sides of the coin.

When the pandemic first hit and all staff went home to work, they had to adapt quickly, set up computers and telephones in their bedrooms, or elsewhere in the family home, and adjust their lives to ensure that business continuity was at the centre of all they did, that the customer enjoyed the same service, or even a better one.

Business owners tell me every day how proud they are of their staff, how they have adapted, how they have learned new ways of communication via Zoom or Teams for example. Also how they are now meeting new and potential clients virtually, the time-saving this has given them and the feedback that this is a great way to work.

Working with clients throughout this period, we have been mentors to assist them getting their staff back to work, acting as sounding boards, when required, for the best ways to buy or lease equipment, assisting with furlough claims and grants, to ensure they have been able to operate.

It would be fair to say for most that if we had been given a brief to adapt to working from home and seeing clients virtually, we would have had a series of meetings, a “road-map”, a plan to implement in maybe 12 months, with consultations monthly. Instead we just did it!

So let’s spread the good news stories, the successes and celebrate adapting business.

Annette Bunn - RIFT Accounting Ltd

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