Business Finance: Flexible Solutions Under One Roof

Money Posted 10/03/21
Invoice finance allows a business to grow, by generating cash to support working capital and releasing money tied up in the sales ledger that may take up to 90 days to be paid.

It is a dynamic, flexible solution to give the director control to drive their business as they wish. About 42,000 business in the UK use this type of service. They can then pay suppliers, earn discount, take on work confidently, invest, or as they see fit. A comparable overdraft may provide a fraction of the funding and invoice finance grows with them, so not repayable like a loan. The client uses only what they need.

At Calverton Finance, we can support from start-up to established £10 million turnover entities and help growth, refinancing, restructuring or through a sales process. More than ever, successful working relationships are built on people and we partner clients with an empowered team and access to our directors with quick, flexible decisions.

We always structure facilities around what is important for the directors and never pigeonhole by sector or size. As a privately owned UK entity, we understand many of the challenges owner managed businesses face and deliver swift, efficient, competitive, flexible solutions with a friendly face.

We also have a market-leading recruitment, pay and bill service that includes all back office functions from payroll management, HMRC reporting, electronic timesheet and invoicing, as well as ensuring compliance with IR35 regulations and protecting the client’s margin. All under one roof.

Every sector can be suitable and any business that provides a product or a service to another on credit terms, although construction – because of the nature of contracts and staged work on applications – is more challenging, unless values are agreed; although shorter term staged works can be considered.

We can release up to 90% of the gross invoice value on the day it is raised. When the debtor pays, then the remaining 10%, less fees, is returned to the client. The cost of the money is akin to an overdraft, with a service charge which depends on whether the client needs expert credit control, protection or credit management services too.

We are also lucky to be supported by a variety of business introducers and are happy to always discuss how best we can help their clients and support their aspirations as a trusted adviser.

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