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Features Posted 28/02/20
Company offers an interactive technology solution to help you to make the right selection for your team every time.

Putting square pegs into square holes should be the aim of every employer embarking on the hiring process. But why leave it to chance, or intuition? There’s a tech solution that enables clients to select the best candidates for a given role.

Nick Shaw, CEO of 10x Psychology based at Surrey Research Park in Guildford, is proud of the company’s achievements in a relatively short time. His impressive online profile lists him as a “recognised talent management expert” and when he joined the company in September 2018 he brought with him the experience of many years holding senior leadership roles, having led commercial, operational and consulting teams globally within the “workplace psychology” field.

The company was set up four years ago by Professor Peter Saville, acknowledged by the British Psychological Society as “exemplary” in the field of “applying science to the workplace and creating the global standard for psychometric tests.” His close-knit (and, naturally, carefully selected) team has since worked hard to nurture this reputation, developing ground-breaking new talent solutions to assist clients along their hiring journey and beyond.

Nick explained the way 10x Psychology works: “We have created an interactive technology solution that enables leaders to make informed choices over who they hire and then to monitor and make real-time decisions to assist their team’s progress and development.”

10x Psychology’s software is delivered to the client as a virtual dashboard, constantly updated in real-time to provide the latest and most relevant data. This “holistic” approach gives the business an edge in a highly competitive industry and the team is constantly looking at ways to improve results for clients, who are fully supported with just-in-time online training and support as part of their engagement with 10x.

Beyond the employee selection process, 10x Psychology’s solutions can also help clients to discover the behaviours that drive performance in their existing teams, including their strengths and areas requiring development, all supported by tailored insights and training. Nick explained that this new approach to workplace psychology is “scientifically rigorous, technologically inspiring and goes beyond standard psychometrics into areas such as wellbeing, resilience and employee experience.” In simple terms, keeping the team happy, valued, challenged and motivated, as this is good for the employee which therefore leads to improved business performance overall.

As the company’s client base has grown, Nick has watched his team develop from 7 to 23 over the last 18 months, all working collaboratively towards the same aims. And with the company still growing, he anticipates the need to put the 10x Psychology solution into action again soon, to identify and select more staff.

“Of course we use our own tools to find the right people,” he says with a laugh, in answer to my question. “Every hire makes a big difference and we need to get it right first time.”

Nick loves his role as head of a lively and inquisitive team, but assures me: “We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We meet socially, as well as in the office – there are team night outs, quizzes and bowling nights.”

When he’s not immersed in his work-related world, Nick enjoys spending time with his wife, 11-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son. He’s a proud season ticket holder for Crystal Palace, along with his father and several other members of his extended family. He loves cricket and although he doesn’t play anymore, he coaches his son’s team and enjoys watching the England team in action.

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