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Features Posted 27/08/19
A dream of delivering high-quality recruitment services without resorting to pressure tactics has paid off for business owner Jo Smith.

Jo Smith launched Trapeze Recruitment in July, 2016, after 16 years in corporate recruitment. Her ideal was to create a business far removed from what many saw as typical reputation for the industry – a business which delivered a non-pushy, professional and pleasurable recruitment experience for candidates and clients, using excellent communication and service delivery, instead of high-pressure sales techniques.

Trapeze celebrated its third anniversary in July and although it is now quite different from how it set out, Jo’s values still stand and always will. She launched the business from home, working alone in the permanent jobs market, but by hard work and careful cashflow planning, she was ready to expand and, in September, 2018 moved into rural offices at Manston, Kent, employing her first consultant, Emma Hopkins. Trapeze has now also moved into the temporary recruitment sector.

Emma, who came to Trapeze from a background in HR, is described by Jo as “an exceptional addition to the business”, with great insight into the recruitment industry. Jo adds: “She also believes, endorses and truly demonstrates the values of the business and her communication skills are the best I have witnessed.”

Jo and Emma are delighted to have been able to change the lives of many candidates they have placed and to have helped companies meet their objectives, thanks to the talented candidates Trapeze has introduced.

Trapeze faces exciting times as it moves into its fourth year. Jo plans to continue expanding the company’s permanent division and to focus heavily on the growth of the temporary market. She wants to invest heavily in social media, to ensure Trapeze retains a high profile and creates a competitive advantage and has ideas on how to speed up the recruitment process for candidates and clients. But whatever happens, the company’s values will remain the main objective.

A session with a business coach prompted Jo to answer the question: “Why do certain companies not work with you?” She answered honestly “because they have not heard of us, or experienced how we do things a bit differently”, adding “it’s nice to be nice”.

To another question about Trapeze’s specialities, Jo answered: “We are generalists, but given mine and Emma’s work history and experience, there are very few sectors that we have not worked in. If a candidate is willing to discuss a new opportunity, we will find them.”

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