Every Business needs a pest prevention contract

Features Posted 12/02/19
Every contractor, whether they look after IT systems, lighting, catering, cleaning or pest control, should be able to demonstrate that they are as ‘green’ as possible.

Thanks to customer demand and the desire of companies like Cleankill to operate responsibly and ethically, the pest control industry has changed over the last decade and new approaches have been developed alongside a return to some traditional pest control methods like traps.

Practically every company needs a pest prevention contract – ideally with a series of planned visits to monitor activity and make sure problems are spotted early. This gives ‘peace of mind’ to businesses, particularly those involved with food production or retail which demand the highest standards of hygiene.

With offices in Surrey, East Sussex and Bristol, Cleankill has won several ‘green’ awards. Consideration for the environment continues to be at the heart of the way it does business.

For pest controllers, being green demands lateral thinking. It’s easier, quicker and more profitable to use chemicals than green alternatives or to focus on prevention – so choose your provider carefully as there are some companies who are less caring about the environment than others.

Cleankill managing director Paul Bates explains: “Whether it’s travelling, office work or in the field, we go above and beyond any other company in our sector to demonstrate our green credentials and we’re dedicated to being greener and helping customers reduce their carbon footprints by operating in an environmentally sensitive way.

“More companies are looking to procure from suppliers with green credentials and many of the tender documents we complete ask questions about being green. We see this as a really positive approach.”

All pest control companies should have the approach of Exclusion, Restriction and Destruction (as a last resort). ‘Exclusion’ means looking at where pests are entering a premises and blocking entrance points. ‘Restriction’ means creating unfavourable conditions for pests and ‘destruction’ means the chemical and physical elimination of pests. Traditional traps should be used where appropriate for rodents.

Cleankill technicians never blanket spray and only use pesticides as a last resort.

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