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Features Posted 22/08/22
Surrey Research Park-based Eseye is realising the full potential of IoT to support businesses on a global scale

The way we work has changed dramatically over the past 50 years. We’re certainly living in the digital age, which has emerged as a result of new technological developments and demand for innovation, accessibility and seamless processes.

One company leading the way in global IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity solutions is Eseye. Its mission is to unlock the full potential of IoT for businesses worldwide, overcoming the complexities of global cellular connectivity.

When Eseye was formed in 2007, co-founders Ian Marsden and Paul Marshall had a clear vision for how the company was going to innovate and change the world of IoT connectivity for the better. They recognised the ability of devices to employ wide-area connectivity was going to change the way that businesses would operate.

For regulatory and historic reasons, wide area cellular connectivity, as provided by mobile network operators (MNOs), is country-centric with a limited set of roaming partnerships. This has made it hard for businesses to deploy IoT devices globally. Ian and Paul knew how to realise the full potential of IoT in another way. Truly ubiquitous cellular connectivity for IoT marked the way forward. Connectivity that just works. Connectivity that makes people’s lives and jobs easier. Connectivity that is invisible.

Eseye ensures that smart IoT devices work everywhere, every time, bringing together over 700 networks in 190 countries to deliver near 100% connectivity uptime for customers. “This means that customers are not locked into any one network – and essentially we control which network they are connected to,” explains David Langton, chief marketing officer (CMO) for Eseye. “We work with four of the Global Fortune 10, including the likes of Amazon (their orange Lockers) and Shell (EV chargers). We’re proud to be able to help them move from initial IoT concepts to global deployments with hundreds of thousands of IoT devices.”

Eseye has offices in eight countries around the world but operates from its HQ at Surrey Research Park in Guildford. “Surrey Research Park is great for us as a home base,” says David. “It offers fantastic transport connections and collaborative neighbouring tech and telco companies who share our drive and ethos. Having such innovative businesses co-located also helps attract talent to the area with specific skills, which we have benefited from.”

David explains that the company came out strong after the challenges of Covid, which accelerated the demand for smart connected products and digitisation, and in late 2020 raised £15 million in Series B funding round with TELUS Ventures. “This enabled us to drive product development, customer success and expand sales and marketing activities to meet growing enterprise demand for ubiquitous and reliable global cellular IoT connectivity.”

With this investment, Eseye has increased the team by 60% and brought on integral new talent to broaden its presence in the USA and grow its global professional IoT services arm. In that time, too, the firm has forged new strategic partnerships with Armis (global IoT security vendor) and IBM, along with new MNO relationships with Verizon in the USA.

Of late, Eseye has launched its Infinity IoT Platform™. The new platform provides a single, customisable and scalable network for both today’s and tomorrow’s global IoT deployments. Customers can connect anywhere with the industry’s widest choice of mobile networks, customise network operators and define IoT policy centrally using Infinity. David says: “Best of all, Infinity gives complete oversight of an entire IoT estate from a single pane of glass. It codifies our deep IoT expertise, vast experience and industry-leading tools to enable customers to orchestrate, automate and optimise their connectivity.”

From saving lives to tracking shipments, IoT drives efficiency across multiple sectors, and Eseye has helped more than 2,000 organisations launch successful IoT projects and connect more than 2.5 million smart devices. “Some of our favourite cases are those that directly impact human lives and wellbeing,” states David.

One of Eseye’s connectivity partners is Everon, a European market leader in digital living solutions. Approximately 1.7 million older and vulnerable people in the UK rely on telecare alarm systems, which provide round-the-clock monitoring of their condition and environment, and will raise an alert if there is a change that might indicate a decline so they can get help. “Everon first approached us in 2018 to deliver dependable connectivity for its telecare devices in the UK. Our AnyNet+ eSIM is embedded into each telecare device and can be loaded with multiple networks, which allows the device to dynamically switch to another cellular network to avoid any loss in connectivity.”

Everon’s Lyra telecare system allows the user to raise an alert if they should need some emergency assistance due to say a fall or a medical incident. The emergency call system is unique in the market as a cable-free, cloud-based solution. It consists of smart sensors placed around the home – such as smoke alarms, fall detectors, and bed and door sensors – together with a stills camera and GPS watch that track vital signs and behaviours. All the sensors are smart IoT devices and are linked wirelessly to a central hub and each other, allowing the data collected to be shared, integrated, and presented as a holistic picture of the individual’s current health and condition.

After a busy and exciting first half to 2022, Eseye has plans to further enhance its product and service offerings, including developing new IoT hardware and adding further features to the Infinity IoT Platform™ later this year. “Our mission is to continue to be at the leading edge of IoT connectivity and pioneer the latest technologies to help businesses connect smart devices well into the future with a high degree of reliability,” concludes David.

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