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Features Posted 06/05/21
Safe, secure work sites are our business

To be confident in the security of your business operations, you need professionals who fully understand your requirements and know how to design and engineer the correct solution to provide your operational security.

Our purpose at Secure Engineering is to make your business operations and worksites safe and reliably secure.

As experienced designers of high-performing, quality, integrated security and surveillance systems, we understand that one size does not fit all. Our installations are made to your requirements, whether they are complex integrated systems encompassing hundreds of cameras and security devices, spread across many sites, or more simple standalone systems.

Good system design is vital to meet the challenges in protecting your company and Secure Engineering will work with you to design and engineer the best security system for you. We are NSI NACOSS gold-accredited.


CCTV systems: whether for keeping your site, personnel, and clients secure, or focusing on monitoring of your industrial processes, by applying IP cameras using the latest biometric analytic features, such as: thermal imaging, facial recognition, human/vehicle/animal detection and zone intrusion, we will design the right solution for you. ANPR is a powerful tool to control and automate access to areas and will provide data on all vehicle registrations detected.

Access control: control of access is not only fundamental for the security of your business but also for the safety and health for your employees and visitors. Identification, authentication and authorisation of access is achieved by smartphone, state-of-the-art biometrics – fingerprint readers, retinal scan or video facial recognition with thermal imaging. Simple fob/card readers can also be used. Secure Engineering will supply and support your business access control / door entry requirements.

Time and attendance systems: Long-gone are the days when staff clocked in and out with timecards. Secure Engineering supplies time and attendance systems to log staff in using fingerprints, facial recognition, smartphones, vehicle registrations, retinal scans or access tags.

Network Infrastructure: For your integrated security systems to work seamlessly together and at maximum efficiency it is highly recommended that good network infrastructure exists to interconnect them. Secure Engineering will design and install network infrastructure for the integration of your systems, either independently of your own IT infrastructure, or as an increase in capacity of your existing network. We will install and certify high speed fibre optic or copper network infrastructure and guarantee its operation.

Secure Engineering customers have confidence that their complete business operation is secure. Whether you are responsible for the operation of a busy port, a large industrial site or a smaller enterprise, our expertise will allow you to concentrate on what you do best.

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