Canterbury - Kent’s city of enterprise

Features Posted 15/10/18
South East Business magazine has always kept its finger on the economic pulse of the region. Our series of regional focuses looks at economic development, housing and infrastructure.

Canterbury is less than an hour from London by train, home to world-leading universities, the closest city to Europe and 10 minutes from some of the country’s most beautiful seaside destinations. Added to that, it is a UNESCO heritage site and has a vibrant cultural scene which attracts 7.2m visitors every year.

These are the reasons why 5,700 businesses have chosen to base themselves in Canterbury. The Start-Up Cities Index 2017 named Canterbury as among the UK’s top 25 locations to start a business.

It’s an exciting growth phase with around £320 million of planned infrastructure investment up to 2031. Significant developments such as Altira Business Park and Herne Bay Sports Hub are coming up, and 16,000 new homes – together with schools, leisure and community facilities – are being built to meet the needs of the area’s growing population.

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