Build Back Better: Plan And Prepare

Features Posted 13/05/21
For any business traditionally run from an office, like us at RIFT Accounting, the past year has brought fundamental change which nobody anticipated or planned for. The change (something that many find difficult) had to be embedded quickly, with resilience and buckets of adaptability.

But now the next change is coming which leads to the big questions: Do we go back to the office? How will teams adapt? What will the workforce look like in the next 12 to 18 months?

If all goes to plan and everything is back to “normal” in June, how will the team react and how will the office look?

Rather than a year ago, when we were told to all go home and work, this time we are being given a “heads up” that we can go back and there is a lot to consider.

Lockdown has affected both staff and businesses in many different ways and it is understandable that that there is uncertainty over what the future may hold.

Business owners, as well as their staff, will once again be adapting to change. The office may be smaller than before, with more staff members working from home, but is this the right way to work and will staff want to be at home?

Although a number of people appear to want to work in this way, there are others in the starting blocks, waiting patiently for a return to their previous world of work.

Every business, its owners, management team and its valued staff members, has its own brand and values and is unique. All businesses should be making the decisions about whether to return to the office based on what is required and how the work can be completed in the most effective way.

We have all learned to connect with our teams, our families and friends and our clients in new ways, and communication via Zoom and Team meetings has never felt so important. Let’s face it, we have missed each other!

But now is the time to “plan and prepare”. We need to consider the apprehension some people may feel about going back to work in an office, rather than a virtual world.

Will the workplace be different? The answer is probably yes, but all businesses will have learned so much from the experience of the last year and it’s important that we reflect on the “learning” and use this to plan the next chapter.

For most business owners this really is the next turn of the page – an opportunity to reflect on the last year and, with consultation and team working, putting a plan together which looks after the clients, the staff and your brand.

This time instead of all being told to “go home” we are being given the opportunity to “come back”, but with a notice period which has “opportunity” as the headline.

The last year has been referenced regularly as the “new normal”, so what will the next year be known as? Here at RIFT Accounting, we are looking forward to the opportunity it will bring.

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