Brexit? Bring it on!

Features Posted 14/08/18
Chief Executive of Crawley Borough Council Natalie Brahma-Pearl explains why the town is ready for whatever 2019 brings.

Crawley, the largest town in West Sussex, is a vibrant, thriving place with a population of more than 111,000 people. It has lots to offer in the way of business, leisure and providing a great quality of life for all.

Punching well above its weight, Crawley was named one of the UK’s strongest performing city economies by the Centre for Cities and the most resilient place in England to weather a hard or soft Brexit. This is largely thanks to Gatwick Airport which is situated within the borough and to Manor Royal, the largest business district in the South East. Hundreds of businesses operate from Manor Royal, making it an exciting place to do business and a place that we are proud to have in Crawley.

The future is bright for the borough, with our Town Centre Regeneration Programme well underway and the Crawley Growth Programme reaching agreement in September last year. This programme has secured £60 million of public and private funding to enable £750 million of site regeneration and sustainable transport infrastructure to be provided. This programme will provide a minimum of 7,000 new jobs, 135,000 square metres of employment space and at least 1,000 new homes.

In addition, Crawley has seen a 31% increase in economic growth since 2010 and has the second highest job density outside of London. We also have the highest employment rate in the country at 87%. So with these credentials, we are very much recognised as a regional powerhouse when it comes to doing business and providing jobs.

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