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EU introduces new e-commerce VAT system

Features Last edited 12/11/21
Kreston Reeves’ Colin Laidlaw (right) and Rupert Moyle (left) ask: are you using the new system effectively for your business?

We are facing a housing crisis - retrofit must be part of the solution

Features Last edited 09/11/21
Expert advice from Harry Shackleton, a partner at strategic communications and business transformation consultancy Inflect Partners

Recovery and renewal: Adam Bryan

Features Last edited 09/11/21
Things are changing for SELEP, but CEO Adam Bryan is optimistic about the organisation’s role in boosting economic growth. Zoë Fryday reports

What a year!

Features Last edited 19/09/21
Accountancy boss has big ambitions, as she emerges bleary-eyed but triumphant from lockdown and childcare

‘Indoor GPS’ has many uses

Features Last edited 19/09/21
Science and tech combine to provide solutions to some of the world’s post-pandemic issues – energy use, Covid control and keeping tabs on staff

Manufacturing businesses will weather supply chain challenges

Features Last edited 19/09/21
Businesses are reporting serious challenges to supply chains, with stock lead times hitting 56 weeks for even the most basic items, says Andrew Tate, partner and head of restructuring and transformation at Kreston Reeves.

A year like no other: Jonathan Neame

Features Last edited 08/09/21
Brewery boss tells of ups and downs of the pandemic, from £150,000 daily losses under lockdown, to customers showing how they love their ‘local’

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