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Preparing for expected icy spell ahead

Features Last edited 22/11/13
Making sure that your business is prepared for winter conditions is trickier than you might imagine. We discuss some of the core considerations that firms may well be facing over the next few months as the nights draw in.

Turner’s legacy is celebrated in style

Features Last edited 22/11/13
Following a long saga of debate over its location and design, the emergence of Turner Contemporary in Kent has proved its worth in offering a major boost to the economy

Equality firmly on the agenda

Features Last edited 21/10/13
Addressing key workplace legislation has proved a complex yet rewarding challenge for Maidstone MP Helen Grant as equalities minister. Neill Barston meets her to discuss her reforming government work.

Gatwick and Heathrow bosses at odds over runway expansion plans

Features Last edited 06/11/13
With the Davies Commission due to make recommendations on the vital future of air travel from the South East, Neill Barston examines the core proposals.

Two billion London Array offshore windfarm opened by Prime Minister David Cameron

Features Last edited 26/11/13
With Britain needing to make up ground on many European countries in terms of providing sufficient clean energy, the delivery of the London Array off the Kentish coast is vital to progress on solving our future power requirements. Neill Barston visits the site on its completion.

Head of UKTI points the way for overseas trade opportunities

Features Last edited 13/10/13
Though many significant opportunities for UK export exist, a number of companies appear unsure of the processes involved. Nick Baird, chief executive of UKTI examined some of the central issues that have traditionally proved problematic.

Making sure facilities are all kept in order

Features Last edited 11/10/13
Ensuring that offices and commercial premises are kept well maintained and offer a clean and safe environment is vital for the efficient running of any business.

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