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Building success

Features Last edited 17/09/14
Chris Whittington and Chris Kirby-Turner, of Thomson Snell & Passmore’s top ranked Construction & Engineering team, discuss the causes for real optimism as construction output shows signs of an increasingly sustained recovery.

Putting data to work

Features Last edited 20/06/14
How Paul Tidey’s good idea quickly established itself as a worldwide standard for feedback.

Leaving a legacy

Features Last edited 20/06/14
Major plans for the redevelopment of Dover harbour could also revive the town’s fortune.

Together again

Features Last edited 20/06/14
Bringing two successful firms together can sometimes risk provoking a culture clash – unless those cultures are already grounded in the same values.

Franchise with a sparkle

Features Last edited 20/06/14
How entrepreneur Kate Lester learned all there was to learn about logistics before applying it to her own business and then offering to share her success.

Going for business gold

Features Last edited 20/06/14
During a visit to Tonbridge to launch a new west Kent business-to-business exhbition, double gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes MBE took time out to tell South East business about her own venture.

Four Queen’s Awards – but this is the one that matters most

Features Last edited 20/06/14
How an ‘up-selling’ salesman set Nick Brown on the road to multi-national business success.

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