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From front line to bottom line

Features Last edited 28/02/20
Specialist accountant who enjoyed his army years says there are important lessons that business can learn from service life.

Business with a social conscience

Features Last edited 28/02/20
Community projects receive a welcome helping hand from Jericho Road Solutions – a company inspired by a 1967 Martin Luther King speech

The next chapter

Features Last edited 06/12/19
For many family businesses, there comes a time when it becomes necessary to consider the next chapter. Whether it is planning for succession or exit, the importance of being prepared should not be underestimated.

Tech solutions to enhance your business

Features Last edited 06/12/19
Late payments, Brexit uncertainty, a changing workforce need and even seasonal disparities are all factors that SME business owners are contending with. With this in mind, Opus Energy has shared their advice on tech solutions.

Sharing the load

Features Last edited 06/12/19
Dual-directorship works for the two bosses of Zest the Agency, who proudly watch the development of their business as a leading Kent brand.

Education changed my life

Features Last edited 06/12/19
Former Apprentice star shares the secrets of his dramatic conversion from Catford boy to celebrity motivational speaker on the national circuit.

Travel in style for your great night out

Features Last edited 18/10/19
Uncertainty over Brexit, the economy and politics, may prompt company bosses to give their staff a Christmas treat this year.

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