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In praise of urban design

Features Last edited 22/08/19
Directors of a new festival prepare to share the best “showcase of talent” a contemporary city has to offer – with the help of a celebrity sibling.

Business prospects with beach benefits

Features Last edited 21/06/19
Coastal town enjoys a cultural revival thanks to a funding partnership to upgrade a tired leisure area.

A ‘green’ space solution

Features Last edited 21/06/19
A company recycles shipping containers to provide unique homes and work spaces – and there’s no shortage of supplies

A healthcare revolution

Features Last edited 21/06/19
A scientist with a remarkable vision believes the big issues in medical advancement can be tackled using a simple, naturally occurring element.

Empowered, but no power dressing

Features Last edited 21/06/19
MD of fast-growing tech agency Kayo attributes success to his dedicated team, a relaxed dress code and a peaceful, attractive workplace.

A winning formula

Features Last edited 21/06/19
CBE is the high point of a half-century devoted to improving the design, speed and safety of a new breed of supercars.

Steely determination

Features Last edited 07/05/19
A couple with an eye on efficiency within a specialist industry have seen turnover triple and believe there could be big opportunities ahead.

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