7 ways you can be green and clean with your marketing

Features Posted 13/02/18
Being clean and green can run through your whole business from sending invoices via email to staff being encouraged to cycle to work.

Here are my seven top tips for green marketing.

1. Clean your database

This is a must before 25 May anyway, but it is something us marketers should be doing with or without GDPR. There is no point marketing to a database that is not active or interested in your services, it will just make your response rates look worse. Therefore my number one tip is to get your database clean and ensure you understand the preferences of the people on the list. Preferences could range from how they wish to be contacted through to what they are interested in hearing about. This means not only will you have clear segments, but also you won’t be wasting contact with people that it is not relevant to. Remember every time you make contact with someone in your database it is an opportunity for them to ask to be removed, so do not waste contact!

2. Understand your database preferences

I touched on this in the previous point, but it is so key, it needs its own point. The need for this will vary depending on your audience, but if you have a very mixed audience, you may still need to consider that they require information in the post instead of email. So just like your bank offers to send you statements via post or email, you too should consider this for your customers – but you may have further options e.g. text marketing – which has the highest open rate of all marketing!

3. Plan your marketing

By being organised and planning up front you can ensure you consider what marketing needs to be printed and what can form part of a digital campaign. This will also allow you to consider your segments via content they are interested in and preference of how they want to be contacted.

4. Get trained up on an email marketing platform

Email is so cheap to do and comes with a whole host of benefits, the most important being the ability to track users’ interactions. Email allows you to become more intelligent with your marketing and may form part of your strategy to segment users depending on what they click on. MailChimp is our personal favourite for ease of use and functionality.

5. Set up automation

Automating emails allows you to be green with your time. As much as emails are cheap they can be time consuming, so the more you can automate the better. You should have a well-considered, welcome programme for when someone first subscribes and then regular triggered emails based on their interactions with your brand.

6. Have clear rules on how long data sits in your database

Don’t keep a big list just because of the fear factor. This is very important for GDPR, but it should be important to your business anyway – there is no point in continuing to add data and not cleansing it regularly. It will just skew all your stats if your database is full of users that are not interested.

7. Finally When you are printing materials, which are still needed by most businesses, just ensure you consider the materials being used and discuss how to make this as a green as you can with your printer.

Marketing will always have a mix of all the channels and print is still required – but just ensure you are being smart about it and considering your customer’s preferences as well!

Becky Simms
Managing director, Reflect Digital
T: 01622 728800
E: hello@reflectdigital.co.uk

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