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Manufacturing businesses will weather supply chain challenges

Features Last edited 19/09/21
Businesses are reporting serious challenges to supply chains, with stock lead times hitting 56 weeks for even the most basic items, says Andrew Tate, partner and head of restructuring and transformation at Kreston Reeves.

A year like no other: Jonathan Neame

Features Last edited 08/09/21
Brewery boss tells of ups and downs of the pandemic, from £150,000 daily losses under lockdown, to customers showing how they love their ‘local’

Innovators: ‘Insect Soup’ and Biodiversity

Features Last edited 14/07/21
'Insect soup' and biodiversity - combining science and business

The Boss: John Roberts

Features Last edited 08/07/21
Faster and More Efficient. Legal firm's boss embraces digital upgrades, which speeds up processing of cases, cuts paper use and ensures the best use of lawyers' time

Dionne Redpath: Juggling Priorities

Features Last edited 07/07/21
Lessons on how to survive the logistics of Brexit, lockdown and the potency of working mother’s guilt.

Build Back Better: Plan And Prepare

Features Last edited 12/05/21
For any business traditionally run from an office, like us at RIFT Accounting, the past year has brought fundamental change which nobody anticipated or planned for. The change (something that many find difficult) had to be embedded quickly, with resilience and buckets of adaptability.

Build Back Better: App For Happy Shoppers

Features Last edited 12/05/21
The imposition of the first lockdown and the closure of non-essential shops focused Richard Johnson’s entrepreneurial mind to hone an online business idea he had been playing with.

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