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Space enablers of the space industry

Features Last edited 17/11/21
Clutch Space Systems’ ground-breaking software is making space more accessible

Functional business: legal support

Features Last edited 07/11/21
Expert insights into the legal landscape for SMEs in the South East of England

EU introduces new e-commerce VAT system

Features Last edited 12/11/21
Kreston Reeves’ Colin Laidlaw (right) and Rupert Moyle (left) ask: are you using the new system effectively for your business?

We are facing a housing crisis - retrofit must be part of the solution

Features Last edited 09/11/21
Expert advice from Harry Shackleton, a partner at strategic communications and business transformation consultancy Inflect Partners

Recovery and renewal: Adam Bryan

Features Last edited 09/11/21
Things are changing for SELEP, but CEO Adam Bryan is optimistic about the organisation’s role in boosting economic growth. Zoë Fryday reports

What a year!

Features Last edited 19/09/21
Accountancy boss has big ambitions, as she emerges bleary-eyed but triumphant from lockdown and childcare

‘Indoor GPS’ has many uses

Features Last edited 19/09/21
Science and tech combine to provide solutions to some of the world’s post-pandemic issues – energy use, Covid control and keeping tabs on staff

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