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Pushing forward

Features Last edited 06/01/22
Lenleys' third-generation business owner Lavinia Watts is enthusiastic about the luxury furniture store’s digital agenda. By Zoë Fryday

Championing the journey to net zero

Features Last edited 11/01/22
The Coastal West Sussex Partnership is connecting SMEs with some of the leading voices in sustainability. Zoë Fryday chats to director Caroline Wood to find out more

A niche in the wide world of electronics

Features Last edited 06/01/22
From MRI scanners to renewable energy power units, DiscoverIE’s custom electronics solutions are helping pioneering organisations around the world thrive

Shaping your future

Features Last edited 06/01/22
Business optimism high despite challenging months ahead, finds Kreston Reeves research. By Andrew Griggs, senior partner at Kreston Reeves

Doing things differently

Features Last edited 17/11/21
Martin Wood, managing director of Hibau, is on a mission to shake up the South East’s residential construction and development market. Zoë Fryday reports

Space enablers of the space industry

Features Last edited 17/11/21
Clutch Space Systems’ ground-breaking software is making space more accessible

Functional business: legal support

Features Last edited 07/11/21
Expert insights into the legal landscape for SMEs in the South East of England

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