TEDxFolkestone talks now available online

Events Posted 12/09/18
Videos of the TEDx talks from speakers at this year’s successful TEDxFolkestone are now available to view online for those who were unable to make this summer’s event.

Eleven people, many making their public speaking debuts, addressed the sell-out event in June, which took the theme of the Courage to Go Beyond.

Among the speakers was Steph Slack who looked at how women can help tackle the problem of male suicide – particularly relevant in the week of World Suicide Prevention Day.

In her challenging talk, Steph shares her personal story of how losing her uncle to suicide caused her to question whether there is anything wrong with having suicidal thoughts or if, in fact, it is our reaction to suicide being thought about that needs to change.

Steph said: “I ask powerful questions around what might be different if we changed the way we view men who have suicidal thoughts, change our stereotypical expectations of and reactions to men in society and instead, embrace men who have the courage to show their vulnerability.

“Because the answer to solve today’s male suicide crisis may lie in simply asking a different set of questions.”

Other speakers include Cathy Sugden, known as the Horseback Heroine, a horse lover who says she used to be ‘The Other Kind’.

She said: “I am ready at this point in my life to stand up for the horses that are used as tools for the human ego, primarily in competitions. My aspirations are for the video to reach a global audience of ‘The Other Kind’ who really think they are horse lovers.”

Julie Creffield, whose talk was titled Living a Bigger Life, said: “My goal is for my talk to be seen by a million women because I think if that happens then the consciousness around women’s bodies and body image could really shift.”

Soti Coker examined data, how it is collected and its uses. He said his message was aimed at people who are heavy internet and technology users and was to get them to stop and think.

Soti said: “All these automated tools we have are awesome and many of them make our lives easier, but at what cost? They need to collect vast amounts of data so they can function well. Are you aware of the costs and are you willing to pay them?”

Liù Batchelor, curator of TEDxFolkestone, said: “Our speakers grabbed the attention of all who attended the event and covered a diverse range of topics connected by the theme of Courage.

“By making their presentations available to view online we hope as wide an audience as possible will take the opportunity to watch and take inspiration from their experiences, knowledge and lessons shared, and perhaps even be encouraged to come forward to talk at next year’s event.”

Videos from the event are available via YouTube.

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