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Events Posted 21/08/19
Helping develop new products, services and art is the focus of a meet-the-experts event run by the University of Brighton.

Entrepreneurs, business people and artists will join University academics to look for ways to generate business growth and experiences.

The event is part of ‘DRIVA Arts DRIVA’ or Digital Research & Innovation Value Accelerator, a £1.3m University research project funded by the European Structural Investment Fund and Arts Council England. It aims to provide small-medium technology enterprises, creative arts practitioners and cultural organisations unprecedented access to the airport’s ‘big data’ or data sets that can be analysed to reveal patterns and trends.

The free event is at the NatWest Accelerator building in Preston Road, Brighton, on 4 September (1-2pm) and speakers will include Donna Close, Senior Research Fellow in the University’s School of Media, and Stuart Hedley, the University’s Knowledge Exchange Manager.

Over the next two years, DRIVA Arts DRIVA will provide free support, access to facilities, resources and expertise alongside cash awards to bring together hundreds of creative and technology organisations and practitioners to make the most of data as both material and currency.

A second event in Crawley will focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning – the study of algorithms and statistical models that computer systems use to perform a specific tasks.

The event will explore machine learning, AI and satellite technology which “are transforming the way data drives everyday human experiences – in business, in sustainability, in our domestic lives and in the infrastructure around us. So how do we unlock the tools to drive that insight from big data, and what value are we left with from that insight?”

Speakers at ‘Creating Value from Data’ will include Dr Philip Rooney, CEO of Brighton-based Data Javelin which builds custom machine learning solutions, Colin Hayhurst, chief commercial officer of Data Javelin, and Katherine Courtney, former CEO of the UK Space Agency and founder of Space South which designs and builds offices.

The DRIVA arts DRIVA project is unlocking sets of unique, real-time big data and helping tech innovators to build from it and arts practitioners to create experiences from it.

The Crawley event is on 17 September, 10 to 12noon, at Grant Thornton, Gatwick, 2nd Floor, St John’s House Haslett Avenue, West Crawley.

To book a place at either or both events, go to: drivaartsdriva.com/events/intro-to-driva-arts-driva-1

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