Brighton i360 contributes to local economy

Events Posted 25/11/19
Brighton i360 releases report revealing its annual contribution to the local economy is just under £30 million.

Brighton i360 Ltd has launched an independent report that demonstrates the economic and social impacts the visitor attraction has had on the city of Brighton and Hove over the last three years.

The report, commissioned by Brighton i360, authored by Marshall Regen, shows that Brighton i360 has contributed a total of £89.6 million to the Brighton and Hove economy.

It also shows that Brighton i360 and its partner, Sodexo, which operates the catering and events at the attraction, has been responsible for a total of 447 local jobs.

Chair and architect of the attraction, Julia Barfield, said: “Brighton i360 is just three years old, but has already established itself as Brighton and Hove’s top paid tourist attraction, welcoming over 1.1 million visitors since opening. It has become a key landmark on the city’s seafront and helped broaden and strengthen the city’s visitor economy”.

The report reveals that by the time both the £36.2 million loan from the Public Works Loan Board (PWLB) and the £4 million Local Enterprise Partnership loan, that were invested to fund its construction, are repaid in 2041, Brighton i360 will have contributed £640 million to the city’s economy. That represents a return of £15.90 for every £1.00 of public sector investment.

In addition to being a major economic contributor, Brighton i360 is committed to being a responsible, sustainable and ethical business.

The whole site is powered by renewable energy sources and it generates its own power each time the pod descends.

Supporting local businesses is one of the company’s main objectives. Many of the products stocked in the Nyetimber Sky Bar and gift shop are sourced locally in Sussex; plus, Brighton i360 contracts most of its professional services through local business partners.

Brighton i360 has made a significant social contribution to local Brighton and Hove state schools by distributing over 46,000 complimentary tickets. The attraction also provides educational fact sheets and lesson plans for those pupils.

The company supports multiple charities in the city through provision of complimentary tickets and event spaces; plus, the i-drop product has enabled charities to raise over £100,000 in 2019.

One further contribution that Brighton i360 has made to the city is the promotion of Brighton & Hove on both a national and international scale. Its total global PR reach since before opening is estimated at 2.5 billion. The visitor attraction works closely with trade partners to attract more domestic and international tourists to the city.

Ian Hart, Brighton i360, chief operating officer, said: “We are very proud of the fact that Brighton i360 has acted as a catalyst for investment in the seafront area. The report clearly evidences that we are making a significant contribution; socially, economically and financially to the Brighton and Hove area and community. We have a great team on site, that strive to provide a fantastic customer experience. The feedback we are receive from our visitors indicates that we are doing a good job, but we always want to improve and do better, and we will. Going forward we will continue to work hard and closely with our city and business partners, to attract more visitors to Brighton & Hove, grow the business and continue to be an involved and responsible member of the local community”.

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