View to a thrill

Editor’s Blog Posted 15/01/16
As Brighton's newest icon reaches a construction milestone, we can see the future taking shape

Drawings, architectural plans and artists’ impressions are one thing - seeing a concept ‘in the flesh’ is quite another. So for many of Brighton’s residents, businesses and visitors, the latest phase in the construction of the new British Airways i360 attraction is a significant one.

This week the final piece of the glass viewing pod was attached, completing the futuristic vessel that will transport passengers 450ft up the tower to give them breathtaking views of the city, the sea and the surrounding landscape. From this summer, Brighton’s newest landmark will be ready to play its part in the city’s fortunes - will it raise the local economy to new heights as hoped?

Opinion is sure to be divided about whether the i360 is an attractive addition in an aesthetic sense - and we would love to hear your views on whether you think it will become Brighton’s Eiffel Tower. Perhaps those who are unsure about the look of it will be reassured now they can see the reality of the pod - which can hold up to 200 people - but seeing the structure really taking shape must be exciting for those who potentially stand to benefit from the presence of the new attraction. Here’s hoping that the sky is the limit for this fresh and (literally) uplifting venture.

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