Time is precious

Editor’s Blog Posted 05/11/15
What will you do with the next 86,400 seconds? That was among the questions asked at East Kent B2B

For many of us, effective time management seems to be a dark art that has only been mastered by the elite few. If you’ve ever found yourself genuinely wishing there were a few more hours in the day, then at least one of the speakers at the East Kent B2B Show will have been of great interest.

Organised by Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, the show at Discovery Park in Thanet offered another chance for local businesses to get together, network and pick up some expert tips for free. Among the speakers was Ian Dickson, a renowned business consultant and motivational speaker who had some mind-sharpening things to say early on in the day.

After handing round chocolate for us all to enjoy during his talk - he had won me over without saying a word - he proceeded to give us his top eight tips for making 2016 our best business year ever. One of these was titled “Be a time lord” - by which he meant, make the best possible use of time that you can and react quickly to customers, so they can see this appreciation of time (yours and theirs) in action. The figure of 86,400 is pertinent because that’s the number of seconds in a 24-hour period. It might sound like a lot, but putting a number on anything related to time immediately focuses the mind. It got us wondering just how many of those seconds are put to constructive use in the average day.

When Ian pointed out that we will be on this planet for less than 5,000 weeks and how quickly seven days tend to speed by, that was an even bigger reality check. Ian did remind us that constructive use of time didn’t always have to mean slaving away at computers or even thinking about work - time spent with the family, learning a new skill and simply relaxing in a meaningful way are all things that should be factored into even the busiest schedule - but that the world’s most effective people are acutely aware of time as a precious asset that can be either squandered or maximised.

I bet that Stephen Covey’s seminal 1989 book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, experienced something of a run after the event, as Ian couldn’t sing its praises highly enough. I’ll certainly be checking it out…

What are the best time management tips you’ve learned or developed? Drop us a line to share the knowledge.

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