Stay or go - we want your views on EU

Editor’s Blog Posted 26/02/16
As the EU referendum looms, we want to hear your thoughts on the dilemma for business

On June 23, Britain will vote on whether or not to remain in the EU. With issues surrounding migration threatening to dominate the debate, there is a possibility that business and economic considerations could be pushed to the back of the public’s collective mind. For business owners and entrepreneurs, there will be much to consider before placing a cross on the ballet paper on that fateful Thursday.

We want to hear your views on whether Britain should stay or go - are you hoping we will remain in the EU or would an exit offer more benefits for your business?

Leave campaigners believe that the chance to escape the EU’s red tape and negotiate a separate Free Trade Agreement would create jobs, save the country billions of pounds in membership fees, free taxpayers from the ‘hidden’ costs of exporting to the EU and regain sovereignty for the Westminster parliament, with SMEs who don’t trade with the EU benefitting the most. However, those who wish to stay claim that leaving would only see Britain hit by hefty tariffs to trade with the EU, currently its main trading partner, while still having to meet EU production standards. This would make British businesses less competitive and could lead to the withdrawal of major global manufacturers from British soil, such as the foreign-owned car industry.

Which side do you agree with, or are there pros and cons for both? Get in touch by emailing or commenting below and you may see your views appear in the next issue of South East Business.

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