Making your wardrobe work for you

Editor’s Blog Posted 22/01/16
Why throwing on your go-to suit or smart outfit might not do the business

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a fun and informative evening at Fruitworks, a successful coworking space in Stour Street, Canterbury. Under the venue’s monthly Create banner, local business people were invited to network and hear from three interesting speakers.

The ever-popular Zoe Cairns gave a useful talk about the basics of successful social media, which seems to double as both an invaluable marketing tool and an unfathomable burden for small businesses - it was clear that her insights were much appreciated in the room. The remaining two speakers talked about two fairly similar themes - the importance of ‘You’ to your business.

Photographer Richard Torble is a headshot specialist and his segment took an illuminating and amusing look at the good, the bad and the ugly of business photos. If you want to know about the benefits of ‘squinching’, he’s your man…

Then we heard from Deborah Turner, of You Image Consultancy, about why you need to give as much thought to your personal brand as to your business’s logo, colour scheme and presentation.

If you thought that putting on a suit or making sure there are no ladders in your tights was enough, think again. While a smart and professional appearance is certainly part of it, Deborah stressed that the strengths and appeal of your own character should come through in your personal appearance, just as much as it should in your business’s core values. In life, it’s true that books do get judged by their covers and in many ways, you are your company’s ‘cover’. Deborah’s message was that however you want your business to be seen - friendly? Competent? Approachable? Funky?- should be represented in the first impression you make when you walk into a room full of potential clients.

I’m glad it’s nearly the weekend, time to hit the shops…

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