Lending an ear to the next generation

Editor’s Blog Posted 10/12/16
I wish readers a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

What a refreshing idea by insurance broker Bennett Christmas to involve young employees in their decision-making (see page 12 Dec/Jan17 issue) – and how appropriate that a firm of that name features in the news at this festive time of year!

The setting up of a “junior board” to debate suggestions and solutions to company issues deserves to succeed and should be taken up by other businesses across the region. It’s a winning solution for all.

Young people are frequently overlooked by business. For a start, there are so few outlets open to them in today’s overstretched jobs market and even when they find work, bosses often ignore their newest employees’ opinions. Bennett Christmas CEO Mark Bennett doesn’t hold this view, believing his under-25 employees represent the future and deserve a hearing. Well done him.

As he points out, not only might there be some genuinely great ideas to come out of the junior board, but its members will gain valuable experience in how to put forward their suggestions in a way to catch the eye and ear of their bosses. This will surely stand them in good stead when they move further up the management ladder.

The latest NatWest Round Table debate was a sobering lesson in just how far fraudsters and scammers are prepared to go to relieve us of our hard-earned cash. You can read some of the alarming statistics relating to this modern threat to our economy on page 24 Dec/Jan17 issue – and learn how staff at the bank’s Chatham HQ are constantly on the alert for new criminal methods employed by this nasty section of the community.

It certainly made me think how easy it is to become blasé about cyber security. I regularly change passwords, am alert to fraud issues relating to bank cash dispensers and try to keep up with the latest threats from email scammers, but some of the fraud experiences shared by those around the table left me determined to be ever more vigilant.

Setting all that scary talk aside, I wish readers a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year. We won’t be sorry to say goodbye to 2016, with its extraordinary rollercoaster of news, both here and abroad. Let’s take a deep breath, set our faces to 2017 and step out boldly into the future.

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