Heartening initial response to South East Business website

Editor’s Blog Posted 02/12/13
Make sure you don't miss out on our competition to find the best online comments this month

The past few weeks since launching our new website have been incredibly busy.

In particular, I’ve been greatly heartened by the range of positive comments offered to me directly and to my colleagues on the magazine.

There is no doubt that our revamped site has leant an additional dimension to our title, in being able to give an expanded range of coverage on a far more frequent basis.

Unsurprisingly, this creates its own additional demands in workloads, but the response so far has made the hard work from everyone in our office worth it.

Having made such a positive start, we are keen to build on this through hearing directly from you in relation to comments on stories – which will form a vital part of building engagement and follow-up articles.

So please don’t be shy in making your views known on particular articles and blog postings. We’re using the Disqus system, which is widely utilised at a number of national papers and magazines, requiring a basic login via your Twitter or Facebook to register comments here.

While we appreciate this may take a little effort, this remains a proven secure way of gaining genuine comment on a host of key issues.

To mark this during December, we are offering the person with the best online comment a pair of tickets (worth £60) to the Leeds Castle concert with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra next summer, which we hope will start the ball rolling nicely in terms of building up our website.

For full details, see our ticket competition at http://bit.ly/1a97HFK so here’s hoping to see entries come our way over the next couple of weeks in the build-up to Christmas. We shall decide on a winner by December 19, so I wish you all the best with your entries and am sure that you will continue to enjoy using the site.

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