Feeling lucky?

Editor’s Blog Posted 22/07/14
I am clearly not the first person to point out that those people who are described as “lucky” tend also to be those who work harder than most, take risks and generally make their own good fortune.

Yes, there are some things we can’t control, such as our health, but when it comes to success in business, effort and sacrifice is what generally sets the winners apart from the rest of us.

That particular fact of life was made abundantly clear by my interview with Surinder Arora, the subject of this month’s “The Boss” feature that starts on page 14.

On the surface Surinder is a “lucky man”, with a string of top hotels to his name. Dig deeper, though, and you discover a man who worked for up to 18 hours a day to achieve his dream.

And let’s not forget that in creating an enviable lifestyle for himself, Surinder - and others like him - is also giving work and career opportunities to many other people. He’s also a charming and personable man.

We need more “lucky” people who can create new businesses and provide more job opportunities for the rest of us, which is perhaps where the new Growth Fund deals will play their part.

Local Enterprise Partnerships have put forward exciting proposals and the Government - no doubt with an eye on the General Election but that’s not necessarily a bad thing - has come up with the cash to support at least some of the schemes included in the ambitious plans.

The hope now is that those schemes, some of which are featured in our story on page 7, will provide the infrastructure and the opportunities that will allow more entrepreneurs to set up in business and provide the jobs that our young people need.

The latest quarterly statistics from the British Chambers of Commerce, highlighted by director general John Longworth and reported on page 5, show a steadily improving picture of economic growth, but as he points out, without ongoing investment in infrastructure, the future is not yet guaranteed.

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