Busy day at Let’s Do Business

Editor’s Blog Posted 29/10/15
Success stories and changing times on show at Hastings business show

Exhibition season continued with another interesting and inspiring event, this time at Sussex Coast College in Hastings.

Organised by the Let’s Do Business Group, today’s show had much to offer for exhibitors and visitors alike. On the South East Business stand, we met a broad variety of business people from many different industries and walks of life. I am always surprised by the creativity and enterpreneurial spirit of people in this region. One of the most interesting people to stop by was a languages tutor who mainly works with students of various ages, but is now branching out into teaching English within businesses and organisations such as hospitals. With a continuing influx of skilled foreign workers, she had spotted potential for growth and was looking to exploit it.

This creativity was seen in many other ventures, such as Baked by the Sea, who deliver tasty little ‘thank you’s’ - including complete cream teas - to clients and suppliers on your behalf. More original (and significantly less costly) than a case of wine, I though that the sweet treats were a great idea for helping businesses build and maintain relationships in a fun way.

Among the seminars was a very interesting talk by Emma Pearce of Pearce Marketing, who shed light on the mysteries of creating and implementing a marketing plan. I am often struck by the fact that although social media and the internet in general present so many creative - and in many cases, free - opportunities for businesses to market themselves that didn’t exist even 20 years ago, managing the web has almost become a second full-time job for the average business person. Fail to master the internet and you may fail to survive - that’s the message coming through loud and clear, time and again.

Of course, this has in turn spawned a whole new industry with seemingly endless growth potential - which is good news for all the tech-related businesses out there!

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