A new online chapter for South East Business

Editor’s Blog Posted 30/10/13
Upholding standards while maintaining freedom of the press is vital for British journalism

Welcome to the brand new South East Business magazine website, which we very much hope you will enjoy in the coming weeks, months and years ahead.

This is a particularly significant chapter in the company’s development, and I believe it is set to ensure our well-established print edition is enhanced with a vibrant revamped online offering that will reach out to an even broader business audience across the region.

Your feedback, news and views will be vital to our continued success, so please do make sure you get in touch with us via online comments, letters, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, so we can deliver most relevant and engaging editorial coverage and advertising packages possible.

My personal thanks is extended to colleagues for their support in helping bring our new site forward, which has been created with some excellent web development work by Pillory Barn in Maidstone over the past few months.

Our website’s emergence comes at a particularly testing moment for British media as a whole, which is facing unprecedented pressure surrounding regulation of the industry.

In my opinion, I have to agree with Kent-based editor Ian Hislop that it is vital we maintain a free press in this country.

It is this tradition of independence that spans several hundred years that has helped our media become some of the best, if not the best, in the world.

While it is patently clear that urgent reform of the Press Complaints Commission is required, there really can be no case for politicians to decide what papers and other media can publish nationally or regionally.

This principle is one of the founding cornerstones of British journalism, which remains a profession that I am still proud to play my part in.

I strongly believe our business coverage in print and online upholds well-balanced editorial values, which we intend to continue delivering, as the region begins to pull free of recession through demonstrating extremely welcome signs of economic growth.

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